Monday, August 31, 2015

August Purchases

I made many, but inexpensive, purchases this month.


1. Mural neoprene leopard skater skirt, $10.50.
2. Forever 21 button-front denim skirt, $9.50.
3. Banana Republic black and white striped wrap dress, $15.00.

Charming Charlie

4. Shell teardrop earrings, $10.00.
5. Gold earrings with dangling triangles, $10.00.
6. Southwestern leather and metal fringe earrings, $12.00. These are new favorites. I love the leather (or leather-like) material and the jingle of the metal tips as they sweep past one another.
7. Olive leopard sunglasses, $9.00.

I seem to have a "go to" pose for earrings and sunglasses. And I got a haircut!

TJ Maxx

8. Jessica Simpson blue tortoiseshell sunglasses, $12.99.

Old Navy

I browsed Old Navy for some tee-like, work-appropriate tops.

9. Lace-shoulder sleeveless tops in gray stripe and basil pesto, $16.94 x 2 = $33.88.

I'm wearing the olive version under the plaid tunic in the bottom picture.

August total: $122.87

Total spending for the year: $1477.24

Remaining 2015 budget: $322.76.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Bodega Bay

Outfit photos will be few and far between for the next week or so. My sister is in town to help me accomplish some of my 40 B4 40 items. We’ve already seen a local theater production and have horseback riding, whitewater rafting, and sailing planned. These pictures were taken in Bodega Bay, where we will be riding horses on the beach.

Jacket, REI. Sweater, thrifted. Skirt, Tilt (thrifted). Leggings, Mossimo. Galoshes, Kamik. Sunglasses, Target. Earrings, street fair.

I'm offline to get some adventuring done!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Unwashed Silk

You can’t really see it in photos (thankfully!) but I managed to drip pho all over myself at lunch. I’ve got the eating skills of a toddler.

Dress, Equpiment. Shoes, Seychelles. Sunglasses, Charming Charlie. Earrings, Francesca’s Boutique. Bracelets, thrifted, gifted, and Tala’s Distant Treasures. Bag, Liz Claiborne (thrifted and gifted).

It’s been awhile since this dress saw the dry cleaners, so I imagine there is more on it than just soup. Maybe a little salad dressing and dog slobber?

Thursday, August 27, 2015


Why is the day before the last day before vacation the hardest to get through? I kept finding myself wishing it was Friday and/or 5 o’clock.

Dress, Prabal Gurung for Target. Shoes, Kelly and Katie. Earrings, Charming Charlie. Bag, Liz Claiborne (thrifted and gifted).

That last one is my 365

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I'd Rather Be Sailing

The sort of sailing I do could never be done in this dress. I don’t lounge on the deck of a grand yacht with a glass of champers. Instead, I’m in a dinghy, heeled over as far as possible, barely in control, and always in danger of capsizing.

Dress, Gap. Boots, Ariat. Sunglasses, Meow Meow. Earrings, Epcot Mexico. Belt, Gap (thrifted). Bag, Croft & Barrow.

And I wonder why no one wants to go sailing with me.