Monday, August 03, 2015


I wore almost this same outfit five weeks ago, but never published the pictures because I was dissatisfied with how they looked. I made some changes: a different pink blouse, four weeks of T25, heels, and more even lighting. I am now satisfied and ready to hit “publish.”

Blouse, Victoria’s Secret. Skirt, Mural (consignment). Shoes, Carlos Santana. Sunglasses, Marc by Marc Jacobs. Earrings, Target. Bag, SheBoBo.

A few before and after comparisons:

I got rid of the first pink shirt. I finally decided that I didn’t need TWO button-front shirts in the same color. Especially one that always looked wrinkled.

365 photos from Saturday, Sunday, and today:

Our new couch (and Jasper), a break on Sunday’s hike, and my new wallet (and the couch's matching chair). I’m (we’re) quite satisfied with it all.

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