Saturday, December 19, 2009


This was an ill-considered outfit. Between the tight pants (really, peggings) and the striped shirt, I felt like some sort of slutty mime. That might be cool for Carnivolution (where I’m considering spending New Year’s Eve), but not work.

Scarf, Images (gift). Jacket, Forever 21. Sheer tank, Mossimo. Turtleneck, Gap (swap). Purple tank, some teen store. Peggings, Bongo. Shoes, Isaac Mizrahi for Target. Necklace, Anthropologie. Ring, vintage. Brooch (fastened to back of jacket), swap.

My mime story:

I am surprised to find myself in an invisible box.

But wait, there’s an opening:

Ah, screw that. I’m taking the stairs.

The end and deets:

P.S. Mime skills are NOT on my acting resume.


Jan said...

ooh I'm so inspired by this!! I love the differnt hues of purple and that pop of green with the scarf.

maryeb said...

I think it's a cute outfit. I love the scarf. I would never think 'slutty mime'.

Trinity Lea said...

i see no mime here. no slut either. its a fun mix of patterns and texture!

btw, every time i see those shoes i die a little inside at how absofreakinglutely amazing they are!!

Raquelita said...

It's obviously not one of your most amazing outfits, but I definitely don't think it qualifies as slutty mime. I'm glad you post outfits that you don't consider successes, though.

Debra said...


I really love the way you boldly put outfits together, and I mean that in the nicest way. You style much better than that other blog with a similar name, although she is adorable.

Anonymous said...

You know, I'd really love to know how your organize your accessories. You and Hillary have totally inspired me to accessorize more/better but I get intimidated by "how the heck am I going to store all these little things"

Unknown said...

hey, who doesn't look like a slutty mime once in a while?? B.T.W. you DON'T..

Audi said...

This is nowhere near slutty enough for a 'slutty mime' look -- you'll have to try that one again.