Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Kelly Copier

Blue sweater vest, Karen Scott. Black and white, polka-dot halter dress, Siren. Red pumps, X Appeal. Red beaded earrings.

I stalk Kelly’s wardrobe remix photo set. She has such an impeccable sense of color. She consistently pulls of color combinations that I wouldn’t ever have considered. She also creates some innovative layering. For instance, I would never have layered a blue sweater vest over a black and white, sleeveless dress, but she looked great! I asked her permission to copy the outfit and she didn’t mind a bit. Minus the black knee socks, we almost match: blue sweater vests, black and white dresses, red shoes, and auburn hair. I didn’t get the pose exactly right, but close enough.


Anonymous said...

so i have this mock-neck, sleeveless dress (ll bean?) that can't stand on it's own, and i can't find a sweater to go with it. how horrible would it be to wear a mock-neck short sleve sweater over it?

Anonymous said...

I love this outfit!! You look great in that color!!! ~jb

Kasmira said...

Anonymous #1 - it might work! If you send me a pic, I'd be glad to give you my opinion. ;)

JB - thanks! I love this shade of blue.

Anonymous said...

I just realized I could do this outfit, too - I just need the blue sweater vest. Argh. Wonder where I could find one... You look extremely tall in your picture, btw... like you could touch the ceiling with your head! Are you in a teeny tiny room?

Kasmira said...

I'm in our attic bedroom. I didn't realize that the low ceiling would make me look tall! What a bonus!

I looked for a sweater vest in this shade of blue for YEARS. I suppose they're out of season now, but I got this one on clearance at Macy's for $4.