Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Crappy Hair Day

Silver and cream floral blazer, Heart, Moon, and Stars. Sheer black tank, Mossimo. Black pants, Apt 9. Black pumps, Michelle D. Rhinestone and faux pearl chandelier earrings.

I’m photography challenged today. I’m not happy with any of the photos. Adding to my difficulties, Mike was pouting the entire time because he wanted to eat dinner. This is the best of the worst, and my head is cut off. I was having a crappy hair day anyway, so you aren’t missing much. The outfit (but not the hair) was much cuter in person. Trust me.


Anonymous said...

Lovely outfit overall but a touch of color wouldn't come amiss :-)

Kasmira said...

Yeah - I thought I'd try a black and white combo with no accent color for a change. Kind of boring. I don't like restraint!