Sunday, March 25, 2007

80 Degrees in March

Green cropped jacket, London Jean. Lavender and pale yellow sheet tunic, My Michelle. Khaki mini, L.E.I. Wedges, Montego Bay Club (i.e. Payless!) Giraffe print sunglasses, free at the USMC uniform store. Necklace, Body Central. White, white legs, courtesy of a long winter.

Wow! We hit 80 degrees in March. I assume this means we’ll have an April snowstorm to make up for it.

Purple of any shade looks terrible on me. It may look nice against my hair, but it looks ghastly with my skin and eyes. The green jacket helps bring my coloring back to life.


Anonymous said...
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none said...

so hot! you should wear short skirts more often :)