Monday, September 28, 2009

Wardrobe Capsule Challenge, Year 2

This week marks my second participation in Jane’s Wardrobe Capsule Challenge. Like last year, I’ve chosen a palette so that I can easily mix and match my 10 wardrobe items and 5 accessories. Last year’s palette was navy, black, and gray. This year, I’ve chosen navy, purple, and white (with a splash of yellow).

Ten Wardrobe Items

Satin jacket, striped cardigan, solid purple cardigan, wrap dress, jersey dress, ruffled blouse, tank, straight-leg jeans, buckle pumps, and studded pumps

Five Accessories

(Hosiery is “free” according to the rules, but, since I’ll be using tights for impact, I thought they should at least count for half an accessory each.)

Enamel and metal earrings, charm necklace, mustard purse and navy tote, blue ombre tights, purple tights

I take a lot of stuff to work each day (food and workout clothes), so I need a tote in addition to my purse. I probably won’t picture the tote, but trust that I have it with me!

I’m on vacation Monday, but the rest of my outfits will be business casual.


Aubrey said...


Where is that pink satin jacket from??? LOVE IT.


Kasmira said...

I bought it at Pangaea (a boutique in the Clifton area of Cincinnati) last spring. Maybe you could find it online somewhere?

Aubrey said...

Thanks! Do you know the brand on it?

Kasmira said...

Duh! Sorry, I thought I had listed that. It is by Esley. It's actually more purple than pink.

Sheila said...

Great colour palette! I am going nuts on the tights this week (the weather has turned cold!) and am so glad they are "free"!

Looking forward to seeing all your creative mixes!

Kayla Rochelle said...

I'm so excited about this challenge! I always learn something from your challenges, and have tried a few myself!!

Rosie Unknown said...

Too cool!

I sort of want to try this!