Saturday, February 07, 2009

Hoodie plus Blazer

A hoodie* worn under a blazer is one of my favorite casual looks on both men and women. It says: “I don’t care what I look like…but maybe I do.” It’s a little bit sporty and a little bit preppy.

Corduroy jacket, American Eagle. Cashmere hoodie, Juicy Couture (swap). Long-sleeved tee, Merona. Jeans, M Denim. Boots, Playhouse. Sunglasses, freebie.

I spend Saturday mornings at swim practice and, from there, go directly to the grocery store. While the weather was cold, I was living in a down jacket, fleece pants, and galoshes on the weekends. The streets are still sloppy, but this Saturday was one of the warmest we’ve had in weeks, so I tried to look a little more pulled together. The layers were warm, my cowboy boots** kept my feet dry in the slush, and the sunglasses disguised the marks 90 minutes of goggle-wearing leaves around my eyes***.

*And, yes, I still think hoodies on their own should be considered on par with athletic wear (okay for the house, okay for physical work, but not okay otherwise)…but wearing one under a blazer sharpens it up.

**My cowboy boots need replacing. Any suggestions on favorite brands?

***Seriously, after I get done swimming, my face frightens small children.


Alison said...

I really like Justins cowboy boots, Dingo or of course for the more modern Frye are by far the coolest. I've thrifted all my cowboy boots. There are a ton of great boots out there. Or, are you looking for similar type of material that your boots are?

Kasmira said...

My current pair are just cheapies. I wasn't sure if cowboy boots were for me, but after wearing these to death, I think they are!

I'm looking for genuine leather with a wooden stacked heel. I really like the long pointy toe on my Playhouse boots, so I'd like to find that again.

Alison said...

Look into the Fryes: Carson, Daisy Duke (love them) and Maxine Campus. With the Justins: Classics and Fashion.

Both worth it for the investment. A lot of the Cowboy boots have a stacked leather sole. I think with a little research, you will find a great pair!

Alison said...

Here are three of my four pair. Sal, had a lot of really great ideas for how to wear them. I used to just wear them under jeans. You have worn your boots in a ton of inspiring ways too! I searched how you wore them too. Now, I have a ton of great ways to wear my boots to show case them.

Tara said...

Frye and Lariat are tops where I am from. But, they can be pretty pricey.

Anonymous said...

I usually agree with your do's and don'ts but I have to disagree with you on hoodies. I love 'em, the funkier the better. If you purchase an actual work out one then, yes, it belongs at the gym with your tracksuit( and in my opinion your tights).

I feel that most hoodies have separated themselves from lazy/workout attire and have joined the jacket category and truly have been dominating it for the last few years. I own maybe 3-4 jackets but I own a hoodie for almost every occasion possible. I think they are a wonderful addition to many outfits and maybe you should reconsider the lazy/gym only policy.

Vanessa said...

If you have high-quality boots, you can always have them resoled and reconditioned. (Provided you love them enough to do so). :)

divasoul said...

Oh I love the idea of a hoodie under a blazer. I'll be stealing that!