Wednesday, March 05, 2014


When I lived in Cincinnati, the weather was a concern because I spent so much time out of doors, walking to and from the bus stop and waiting for the bus. In Sacramento, I have a company car, but I’m in and out of that car at least a dozen times a day, so I’m still battling the elements.

Today wasn’t so much a battle as an ambush. It started off a typical, pleasant spring morning, but developed into an uncomfortably warm and humid day. (Quite Cincinnati-like, come to think of it!) The jacket only lasted a few hours and I would have loved to strip off the tights and boots. It’s really no surprise that a whopper of a storm rolled in tonight to wipe the mugginess away.

Blazer, BSB Jeans (thrifted). Dress, Diane von Furstenburg (consignment). Tights, We Love Colors. Boots, Miz Mooz. Necklace, thrifted. Bag, Charming Charlie.

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thorne garnet said...

you're standing in one of the prettiest spot in Sacto!