Friday, March 07, 2014


This is not a safe photo location. I risk running afoul of railroad bulls, police, hobos, and drunks. But I love the resulting pictures enough to risk the dangers. And I am a firm believer in pushing one’s comfort zone.

Jacket, Bebe (consignment). Dress, Mossimo. Boots, Audrey Brooke (consignment). Sunglasses, Target. Scarf, consignment. Bag, Charming Charlie.

Despite my bravado, I’m no cool cat while taking pictures in an unsavory location. My hands shake and I’m constantly scanning the area for threats. My perfectionist nature battles with my desire to finish the job as quickly as possible. As I finally walk away, unscathed, I have to admit to a bit of an adrenaline rush for having escaped danger (real or imagined), once again.


Anonymous said...

Well that outfit is smart, sexy, business like, relaxed and every possible heading you can give it.

Those are both (in my view) your best boots and your hottest.

Glad you took the risk, the images are excellent and memorable.
Thank you.


IzzysMom said...

I've always been nervous just seeing some of the areas you pose in and wondered how you felt in those areas. Thanks for the honesty. Your pictures certainly don't convey any nervousness.
Love your creative outfits. You have helped me so much with my own wardrobe - mixing it up and stepping out of my comfort zone but in very tiny steps. You inspire me!

TWBrit said...

I get your website often forced in front of me by my better half who is a huge fan.

I'd just like to say that last pic is so good, you should make a poster of it or something.

I can't say anymore or I might get shot, lol

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to Rush-II