Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mail Bag: Cincinnati Thrift Stores

Dear Kasmira

I’ve noticed more and more of your wardrobe is thrifted. What thrift stores do you shop?

Dozens of Readers

St. Vincent de Paul
I frequent three St. Vincent de Paul locations – one of which is only a short bike-ride from my house! I love the low prices, great hours, and vast selection of dead old people clothes.

Clothing is priced by type. Check the tag for a colored spear and reference the daily special placard to determine if a garment is an additional 50% or 25% off. Jewelry is kept under glass, which makes browsing a pain, but also increases the chances of finding something others have overlooked.

Colerain - 6900 Colerain Avenue, 45239
I’ve found more than my share of gems in this small location. It sometimes smells bad and the dressing room doubles as the restroom, so maybe less intrepid shoppers skip this store.

G.J. Forbes striped skirt, charm necklace, Nine & Co sheer blouse, floral dress, Giorgio Fiorlani gingham dress, Express houndstooth skirt, Peyton Place wool plaid skirt, 80’s ruffle skirted dress, Colini purse with tassels, Merona olive shirt, JMC beaded silk dress, woven oxfords.

Western Hills – 5555 Glenway Avenue, 45238
I still mourn the Cost Plus World Market that used to occupy this space, but I’m consoled by this enormous thrift store. Here, you’ll find restrooms and dressing rooms! (I’m, perhaps, too easy to please.)

Focus 2000 denim blazer, red and black beaded necklace, animal-print belt, Eddie Bauer shirtdress, INC floral skirt, Express lace vest

Evendale – 9864 Reading Road, 45241
This location is small, but just around the corner from the large Valley Thrift. Even if I’m pooped from fighting the Valley Thrift crowds, I try to stop here before I drive away. This store has dressing rooms, but no restroom.

Two metal belts

I find Goodwill to be a little overpriced (unless you visit on a 1/2 off clothing day), but I still browse and purchase a few things.

Cheviot – 3980 North Bend Road, 45211
Honestly, Reva is probably the expert on this store! I usually include it on my longer thrifting trips and rarely leave empty-handed. This store has dressing rooms, but no restroom.

Herman Geist floral velvet skirt and American Eagle gingham shirt, McGregor knit vest, Jones New York striped shirt

Oakley – 3080 Markbreit Ave, 45209
This location has Target new stock. It isn’t within my usual thrifting radius, but I sometimes visit with my eastside friends. I don’t recall whether this store has dressing rooms or a restroom.

Forever 21 shirt dress (that I later dyed dark blue).
This on-line auction site features merchandise from Goodwill stores all over the country. I could lose hours browsing here. If you are looking for something specific, check before frustrating yourself with multiple store visits. I picked up a lot of faux pearl necklaces for $19.59.

Valley Thrift
I’ve only visited one Valley Thrift location, but I believe they are all very large. I hear that parking is a common problem. Be aware that this place is jammed on holidays, when merchandise is half off. It is a “must visit” on my thrifting trips. The merchandise is well organized by type and (often) color.

Evendale – 10050 Reading Road
Unless you are visiting during a non-peak time, don’t count on parking in the parking lot. It fills up quickly and I’ve heard the occasional collision announced on the loud-speaker. Personally, I park on Winnebago Trail (housing development) off of Cooper Road, and walk down the hill to the store. The store's vast selection makes up for any parking woes, though. The dressing room limit is 3 items, and it’s enforced. (Goose tells me this store does have a restroom.)

Jones New York plaid skirt, Side x Side polka-dot skirt, cream vintage dress, Chaus Sport denim pencil skirt with ruffled rear, Jams World dress, Talbot’s khaki pencil skirt, Express embroidered sheer tee, Caprice exotic skin bag, seahorse belt, red snakeskin belt

4th Street Boutique, 135 West Fourth Street, 45202
This second-hand boutique is priced a bit higher than a traditional thrift store, but it has the advantage of a downtown location. It is easily reached during a lunch time walk for those that work in the city. Prices in the bargain basement are closer to those of a typical thrift store. The store has dressing rooms, but no restrooms. Much of the jewelry is on top of the counter – the better to fondle!

Banana Republic dress, red scarf, Talbot’s red skirt, turquoise snakeskin belt

Now that I’ve shared my secret locations* and favorite treasures, let’s hear yours! Where do you thrift in your hometown?

*Leave some stuff for me, okay?


Tara said...

I live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida and we have some pretty great thrifting. Often times I simply satiate my needs with the many area Goodwill stores. They are fantastic around here but are getting up in price. We have a few Salvation Army stores as well, but they are also too expensive unless you are observing the color tag discounts. Then we have local favorites like Second Image and Sunshine Thrift.

Anonymous said...

I live in Los Angeles with frequent trips to San Diego to visit the folks. Sadly, thrift stores have been vanishing lately. I used to have an abundance to choose from - here in LA, I still have multiple Goodwill stores (a little pricey), a small salvation army, and a couple of terribly overpriced private thifts; I don't even like visiting those anymore.

The same thing has happened in my area in San Diego. There are a few left. Seems like the non-profits are closing their doors, and private thrifts with their high prices are popping up.

Oh well. Bite my tongue - I'm off to thrift today :)

Goose said...

You've hit most of my spots...but I'll add that the Goodwill on Montgomery Road, is like a boutique. It's a bit pricier than other GW, but that's because it's almost all designer and mostly NWT. Oh, and the Valley Thrift on Reading is around the corner from my office and does have a restroom :-)

Mia said...

I love this post! I hate shopping retail, but I love thrifting. Maybe it's the thrill of the hunt? I'm on a shopping ban currently, but when I'm not, I have two preferred thrifting locations: the Goodwill on March Lane--well-organized, clean dressing rooms with an un-enforced 5-item limit, good selection w/ deadstock from the Target around the corner; and Superior Thrift--across town but huge, hilarious selection (an entire area for ponchos!), good prices esp. with frequent coupons in the Pennysaver, but usually a long line for the small dressing rooms w/ enforced 3-item limit.

I love the town I'm currently living in (Stockton) because I started thrifting while I was going to school in Santa Cruz, and let me tell you: hipster students do leave the thrift stores there pretty well picked-over.

Lorena said...

I have total thrift shop envy.
There ONE miser overpriced store where I live.

Mary said...

O.k. I'm only sharing these with you because I'm moving to Indy next week, but here are a few more:

1. The Seven Hills Resale Shop on Red Bank Rd. They are closed until August 1st, but I've found amazing things there over the years. Think DVF wrap dresses, Ferragamo shoes, St.John jackets, vintage coats, vintage cocktail dresses,etc...If you can afford this school's outrageous tuition then you're doing well and can afford shopping jaunts to NY and Europe. I'm happy to shop low on the fashion food chain when I can find the castoffs that I do there. Oh, and they also have great books, housewares, and antiques.

2. St. Vinny's on Estes Ave. off of 75 at Mitchell. Huge warehouse and lots of great stuff.

3. The Madeira Ladies Club on Miami Rd. in Madeira. A nondescript little house that is a thrift shop that raises money for scholarships. If you go once and don't find anything please don't be discouraged. You have to go often. I find great vintage here, including costume jewelry, lingerie,coats,and scarves. Last winter I found a black velvet, vintage, 1960's Suzy Perette cocktail dress there for $6. They don't take credit cards, but they will accept checks.

4. It's a schlep, but the St. Vinny's way up in Mason has good stuff too. Combine it with a trip to Ikea, the Evendale Goodwill, and Valley Thrift and you've got yourself an afternoon.

I also have some great luck at the Goodwill in Evendale. It's just such a big store. They're bound to have something that you're looking for.

Kasmira said...

Mary - you're an angel! Thank you for sharing, and happy thrifting in Indy!

Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

I'm up in Minnesota - one of my favorites that I believe does have stores nationwide, is Clothes Mentor, more of a consignment shop, but they have awesome prices on good brand names!

Rhonda said...

It's further east than the location in Oakley, but there's a huge Goodwill in Cherry Grove. It's right by I-275. Did I say it is huge? :) I've found quite a few things there. I like Valley Thrift on Reading, but the three-item limit is a tad frustrating. You definitely have to have much time to spend there.

C said...

Central NJ/Phila- Greene Street Consignment Shop- there are a few of them...interesting mix of stuff and they are very organized.

Ally @ Fever Thrift said...

Hi! I discovered your blog via Google when I searched for "thrift"- I'm trying to connect with other thrifting bloggers :) I LOVE this post especially because I'm also in Cinci. My absolute favorite thrift store here is the St. Vincent De Paul on Beechmont in Mt. Washington. Absolutely everything is organized by size and it seems like they get better quality than any other thrift store I've seen around here. I'm enjoying reading you!


Melissa said...

I'm up in West Chester, and love, love, love the Snooty Fox. Best ever find is my fits-me-like-a-glove $15 Lucky Brand jeans.