Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer Trends: Roundup

Thanks to Megan Mae and Keely for organizing the Summer Trends challenge!

Will you help me pick a favorite outfit to submit to the round-up?

My favorite look from the Summer Trends challenge was
Stripe and Floral Mix
Military paired with Feminine
Sparkles for Day
Eclectic Prints
Go Neutral
Bright Bottoms free polls


laniza said...

I voted for the Sparkles--I really adore that sequined jacket :)!

Mia said...

I voted military/feminine, but my second favorite is your eclectic prints outfit. I love that crazy dog portrait skirt!

Anonymous said...

I went with eclectic print because I have fondness for bat shit crazy prints. ~B

C said...

voted for the neutrals because I like them, but I still do not think they are your style...if I had not seen all your bright colorful outfits, however, I would not know...(it does make your hair stand out when you wear neutrals).