Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Trends: Go Neutral

When I saw that Friday’s Summer Trends challenge was Go Neutral, I wanted it to Go Away. I identify my style as “colorful.” Even when I wear an outfit of mostly neutrals, I can’t help but add that clichéd “pop of color.” An entirely neutral outfit seemed duller than dull.

For some much needed inspiration, I copied an outfit from Megan’s polyvore collage: white top, gray skirt, gray heels.

Lace jacket, vintage. Vest, New York and Company. Skirt, Body by Victoria. Heels, Steve Madden. Necklace, Macy’s. Bracelets, Epcot Morroco. Clutch, Express.

For my pop of color, I relied on lipstick.

As I searched through my photo archive for other all-neutral ensembles, I surprised myself by finding dozens of examples. I’m certainly a color-lover, but I’ve worn plenty of ensembles in only shades of black, brown, white, and/or gray. In fact, there were so many example outfits, that I chose only my favorites and tried not to feature the same garment multiple times. Still, there were too many pictures!

In the interest of not crashing my readers’ networks, I’ve included them as thumbnails. (Clicking on any image will take you to that outfit’s blog entry.)

Lesson learned: I can wear (and have worn!) an interesting, all-neutral outfit.


Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

I love that lace jacket! And the necklace looks vintage too, yay for Macy's. I go neutral almost every day so I need a "COLOR!" challenge to move me off my spot.

Keely said...

Very pretty palate and pieces. Love your shoes1

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I know it is not your usual color..but this look is great on you...very classy and professional.

maryeb said...

You look great in neutral tones. I love the lace top and what a great idea to wear a vest as a sleeveless top. I often think neutral equals boring, but you've proved otherwise. I'm definitely copying this look!

C said...

this looks fine, but it is so not you. Maybe some red glasses, an orange sash and a green hat?

Keep Warm (Danielle) said...

All the different textures makes this far from being boring! Very classy indeed!

Megan G said...

Gorgeous look. It's very classy. Thanks for considering my inspiration looks. Even you skirt has a bit of shine. This outfit really utilizes texture, shine, well cut pieces to create something visually appealing without color. Thanks for the round up of looks too! So inspirational.

Anonymous said...


- Tessa