Thursday, January 24, 2008

3 Piece Suit

Blazer, Breakin’ Loose. Pinstriped vest and pants, Forever 21. Pink blouse, Bebe. Black pumps, Bandolino. Pink rhinestone brooch, some department store.

I’ve got suits on the brain. Probably because I’m costuming Picasso at the Lapin Agile and I sorted through men’s suits on Sunday.

My camera is sick again. I’m not really happy with either of these photos, but they were all I could get before it started turning things purple and blurry. I hope it feels better tomorrow.


Kim said...

gorgeous, GORGEOUS! Your lip color with your shirt is perfect. I've been trying to find a vintage vest at the thrift store. You inspire me to look harder!

Anonymous said...

the way you put your outfits is most definitely inspiring! i love pinstripes and vests!!! you have a great sense of style!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree about the lip color - so pretty!
Care to dish about lipstick? I'm noticing you're really good at coordinating it with what you're wearing.

Wendygital said...

What an elegant and polished look!
Love it! :-)

Catie said...

Picasso is such a fun show! We did it at my school several years ago and it was great. I hope you get to enjoy youyrself once the show goes up.

hollyhock said...

knock em dead with this outfit.
Great fun and actually is very feminine look!