Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Interview Navy

Black shrug, INC. Black lace blouse, Newport News. Navy skirt with black pinstripes and black lace trim, Moda International. Orange slip and gold-tone earrings, thrifted. Black pumps, Bandolino.

I maybe lied a little yesterday. My navy and white wrap dress wasn’t actually my first item of navy clothing. Way back in 2003, I bought a navy suit to prepare for upcoming interviews as I transitioned back to civilian life. It wasn’t difficult to incorporate into my wardrobe, though, because it has black pinstripes and is trimmed in black lace. For interviews, I paired it with a black tank and black pumps without a second thought.

I rarely wear the jacket, though. It seems too big or too formal or both for everyday work. I only whip it out for interviews.


Anonymous said...

Love the orange! Really makes the outfit pop.
Question - I've seen you wear those cute black patent mary jane pumps from Target a few times and am thinking of getting a pair myself. From one gal to another, are they comfy?? Thanks for the help!

Kasmira said...

Chel - I've had the same problem with those mary janes as I've had with another pair of round-toe pumps from Target - my feet slide to the end and my toes end up crushed. You might want to try to find a narrower width or add some sort of grippy insole so that doesn't happen to you!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip! This is why I wear flats. :)

Londyn said...

Love this look -- the orange works wonderfully!