Sunday, January 06, 2008

Dollhouse Denim

Multicolored cardigan, Takeout. Long sleeved tee, Merona. Denim, Dollhouse. Pleather cowboy boots, Playhouse.

I know these jeans are totally off-trend (low rise, stone wash, boot cut) but I love them. Thanks to a generous amount of lycra, they are SO comfy. (I don’t even have to unbutton them to get them off.) I don’t mind that when I sit down I show “plumber’s crack.” That just means I have to remember to wear a long top with them. But not too long...I don’t want to hide the butterfly pockets!

P.S. I couldn’t find these jeans for a long while because they had gotten mixed up into Mike’s clothing. He tried to put them on (*giggle*) and then threw them on the floor of the closet in disgust. I found the jeans there, surmised what had happened, and teased him mercilessly.


Anonymous said...

The story about your husband is too cute!

Those jeans are very flattering on you. I too am a fan of that cut/wash/finish (lycra), despite it not be de rigeur at the present time.



Anonymous said...

Every girl needs a pair of comfy lycra-laden jeans!

Cute outfit, I love the cardigan!

lrsboulder said...

Off-trend (but who said you were a slave to fashion), but still flattering - whatever the waist or wash, boot cut almost always is!

The Dune and Moo Show said...

The ladies might notice the "old" trend, but... BELIEVE me, the guys won't! I wish I had a pair of jeans that made me look like this. :)

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit on you...but, here is my dilemma...I personally am not fond of jeans on me any longer. I find them unflattering on me and I always feel "under dressed" even if the occasion is casual (meaning everyone else is wearing jeans). I'm looking for pants, not necessarily skirts, which would work well in a casual setting. I would be so thankful if you could please hint me towards some looks that you have achieved with this dilemma.

Thank You so much!!

J~Mom said...

I would love to hear what jeans are "on trend". I just got a pair at the gap that are darker wash but flare legs. I love, love, love them and will still wear them but am curious what is more in style? Is it skinny leg jeans? If so I can't do those. LOL

Londyn said...

I like them -- you look fabulously long and lean!

Anonymous said...

Kasmira, you have such a great sense of color. That shirt makes your eyes and hair really pop. Love the butterfly pockets! Where do you find that brand?

Anon, what about some dark wash trouser jeans? Ann Taylor Loft and Gap have had some cute ones recently.

Anne said...

I say the jeans worked so well b/c you paired them with the boots. Nice.

SHOEGAL said...

Stonewash & bootcut are on their way back in for spring/summer so you're not off trend, just ahead of the pack.
I love my Long and Lean stonewash jeans from Gap.

Kasmira said...

Anon - I plan on writing a post today to address your casual pants dilemma.

J~mom - supposedly dark washes and extreme legs (either skinny or wide leg) are the "in" jeans. Super low rise jeans are also "out."

Elizabeth - I bought this pair from delia*s (in 2002!)but I think you can find them at many junior stores and junior departments.

The Dune and Moo Show said...

Re: the super low rise being out - while this is true, if you are short AND short-waisted (like me) the super low rise looks like regular low rise! HAA HAA! So, I snatch them off of ebay when I see them. ;)