Friday, January 04, 2008

Dye It?

I was browsing Wardrobe Remix and I saw bug~love’s photo of a camp dress very like mine, but in a delicious cranberry shade. It got me thinking….should I overdye my own, khaki camp dress a darker color? Honestly, the current shade is a bit unflattering with my skin tone, but I do like how versatile khaki can be. The dress only cost me a few bucks at Goodwill, so I’m willing to experiment with it. What do y’all think? I’ve proposed a few of my favorite colors (no purple here!)

Possible dye colors for the camp dress:
Cranberry Red (like bug love's dress)
Midnight Blue
Forest Green
No dye! Keep it Khaki
Other - I'll tell you in the comments free polls


Anonymous said...

Yeah khaki can be hard. I tend to avoid it as it does horrible things to me. I think yours would look great in a dark navy or cranberry.
Miss Matilda
aka Hillary

Anonymous said...

I think a nice chocolate brown would be more flattering with your coloring and would still be neutral enough to pair with lots of colors. It would be pretty with hot pink, aqua, green and purple, to name a few.

Vicki said...

I voted keeping it kaki, but reading what Elizabeth has said, I think chocolate would be very nice and just as versatile as the current colour.

Anonymous said...

I say keep it khaki. That cargo dress is sooo versatile, you might be somewhat limited if you dye it, plus you don't know what the results will be either. Better safe than sorry if it is your favorite piece

Anonymous said...

how about a dark olive drab or an
aubergine/raisin brown, or is that too purple? Both of those go with everything. Or maybe a a deep marine blue vs navy?

Unknown said...

honestly, a lot of dark shades can be as versatile as khaki! I have a navy dress that's very similar that I love.

Elisabeth said...

I vote Cranberry Red, it would look gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you mentioned me (and my dress) in your blog, I'm so flattered! You're a blogging celebrity, you know :)