Thursday, January 10, 2008

Navy Wrap Dress

Navy and white wrap dress, Merona. Dark gray, long-sleeved tee, Bitten. Light gray scarf, gift from my MIL. Gray slouchy boots, White Mountain. Dark gray tights, Merona. Silver hoop earrings, Nine West.

Ah, yes. This is THE wrap dress that started it all and that I’ve remixed in so, so many ways. I’ve accented it with
orange and brown
coral and brown
and gray.

Yes, I intend to wear this scarf indoors, all day. I’ve found that a bare breastbone chills me faster than any other exposed body part. I don’t know how women could stand it when décolleté was standard. In case I do decide to remove the scarf, though, I’ve done some pretty layering at the neckline.

The weather is still unusually warm for January, so I’m able to wear my favorite coat ever. (Red coat, Bebe)


Londyn said...

Love the grey and navy combo, and also the layering. You are getting some good use out of those new boots of yours!

Your hair looks great too -- vibrant color and very sleek.

WendyB said...

Nice layering.

Anonymous said...

I loved looking at the various ways you've worn the dress. It is so much more versatile than I would have thought! Great outfit. You're really inspiring.

seberu said...

This is so freaky. I almost wore this dress today with my gray knee-high suede boots but decided at the last minute that the dress needed to be hemmed before I wore it (too long for me). Crazy! I love all the ways you've mixed it up...some of those color combos I don't think I would have come up on my own. :)

Vicki said...

I think I like the grey best! And I agree about the scarf thing - but I like the neck warm best of all.

Anonymous said...

This is great. Funny, I was going to ask you to post some of your outfits with the coat you pair it with as I'm challenged enough to put together an outfit, much less thinking about how it looks with a coat. Thanks for showing this with the coat.

Unknown said...

God, that red coat is gorgeous.