Friday, January 04, 2008

Slouchy Gray Boots

Gray satin blouse, Forever 21. Burgundy velvet dress, NY & Co (shortened by me). Gray, herringbone-weave tights, Merona. Slouchy gray boots, White Mountain. Tweedy headband, Claire’s. Silver mesh flower brooch, thrifted.

Gray boots certainly weren’t on my list, but both black boots and gray pumps were….so I figure these sort of kill two birds with one stone. Besides, they were dirt cheap ($16 or so?) at Shoe Carnival. I used to shy away from gray (it can be very unflattering with my coloring), but I’m liking it more and more.

This is the first time I’ve worn this dress’ self-sash since I shortened it. I really like the new contrast between the long sash and the short hem. The belt looked a bit insipid with the old skirt length.


Anonymous said...

Very wintery in a very lux way. Love the colors & textures.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that you wore the same dress exactly a year ago! It looks so much better this year. Much less librarian-esque.

Londyn said...

I went to shoe carnival in seach of those fabulous boots, but only found them in black -- unfortunately, I do not need black boots. Super cute though!

Anonymous said...

you look so pretty! look so cool becuase of your hair and the grey touch!


Anonymous said...

Good call on shirtening the dress! I love the colour combo!



Anonymous said...

Ooh, it suits you so much better shortened!

Great layering as well!