Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Military Chic

Black sweater, Charlotte Russe. Olive belt with leaf clasp, H&M. Olive skirt, from my USMC service uniform, altered by me. Black fishnets, Danskin. Black pumps, Bandolino. Gold earrings, thrifted.

I was leafing through my new In Style last night and there are a number of pages devoted to belts. Belts over dresses, belts over shirts, belts over sweaters, belts over blazers, and even a few belts on pants (and through belt loops!) Is it just me, or does this trend coverage seem about a year late? I thought belts were big last spring. Not that I mind if they’re “in” again. I’ll be glad to continue wearing all the belts I purchased over the last year.

Today’s belt:

This detail is lost in the overall photo (and beneath my desk at work), but I think the lace trim against the fishnet tights is very pretty.


Anonymous said...

I happened upon your blog while searching for velvet jackets (I love velvet...). I have to say, it's so cute how you have such a HUGE smile in all your pics!! I have a friend who keeps track of what she wears everyday in a little calendar. your blog reminded me of that.
Anyway, i just have to say you have great style. keep that smile!

Londyn said...

Very cute outfit! I agree with the trend thing. One thing I noticed is that last season it was just the really big bulky belts where as now they seem to be showing a larger variety of belt types.

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit. You look very slim in it as well. Though you are very slim anyway. :)

Anonymous said...

at which H&M did you get your belt? the one in columbus?

Kasmira said...

I got the belt in Chicago - way back in November.

Anonymous said...

Were you really in the Marines? I am really surprised. The Marines are not known for having such gorgeous women in their ranks. I love the shot of your knees, to. Don't you just love looking down and seeing that?

Kasmira said...

Yes, I was REALLY in the Marines. It is often hard for people to believe! I'm not as dainty as I appear. :)

hollyhock said...

The beautiful jacket makes the outfit.
Very pretty without being too frilly or feminine.
Very stylish and great for work.

kct said...

Wow...another sexy outfit! I really love your style!