Monday, October 09, 2006

End of Summer Pale

White, button-down, 3/4 sleeve shirt, Gap. Tan, embellished waist skirt, Okinawa, Japan. Tan pumps, Target. Shell earrings, Target.

Today was the last time we'll see 79 degrees until next spring. I thought it fitting that I wear one of my most summery outfits. The colors and fabrics always make me feel cool, even on the most hot and humid days.

I bought this skirt from a sale rack at a department store in Okinawa, Japan. Generally, I was far too large for the clothing sold there, but I must have happened upon the fat lady department that day. I love the high waistband and the mid-calf length (which I find flattering on myself). Interestingly, this skirt fastens with a zipper, button, snap, and tie - all located at the top of the left hip. The button fell off and I don't even miss it.

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Anonymous said...

Girlfriend, you look hawt!