Friday, November 10, 2006

Birthday Skirt

White, button-down bodysuit, Moda International. Fuchsia skirt with butterfly appliqué, Parameter. Tan pumps, Target. Chandelier earrings, Claire’s Boutique.

Mike bought me this skirt for my birthday. Impressed with his taste? He doesn’t get all the credit. For gift giving occasions, I have to send him internet links to catalog items I would like as a present. He then chooses one and orders it. There is still an element of surprise for me, he doesn’t have to leave the house to buy the gift, and I’m sure to like it.

Please excuse the wrinkles. The skirt is linen and I took this picture after wearing it all day.


fitnchic said...

great blog! very innovative ideas!

I have a skirt the exact same color and I have only been able to pait it with white or brown tops. Any other suggestions would be really appreciated. Thanks!


Kasmira said...

Hi fit. Actually, I gave this skirt away because it didn't fit right! I think Londyn may have worn it a few times on her blog ( I seem to remember her pairing it with a turquoise top, to match the butterfly.

fitnchic said...

Thanks! Will check it out.


Elegance and Mommyhood said...

WOW WHAT A BEAUTIFUL & UNIQUE SKIRT. The color, material 9I am shocked it's Linnen) and the cute butterfly applique make it even nicer. He did good. Is he your husband?

Anonymous said...

Birthday skirt is SO PRETTY, ELEGANT, AND BEAUTIFUL. I love this skirt and the birthday butterfly applique added to the skirt. I know you loved it getting this skirt for your birthday and wearing it on your birthday. Many girls and ladies love skirts and flowers for their birthdays.