Friday, June 22, 2007

Half Day Jeans Day

White oxford bodysuite, Moda International. Jeans, M. Paisley belt, Gap. Red pumps, X Appeal. Green satin headband, Icing. Gold coin earrings, Urban Nomad. Golden paillette necklace (doubled), Body Central.

I’ve found a way to end the drought. All I need to do is wear a white, potentially see-thru shirt, and it will rain. It worked on Tuesday and again this morning. Not only did I get to work with my bra clearly visible, but I was tripping over my pants because the wet denim stretched. I’ve really got to get these hemmed.


Anonymous said...

I must know...where did you get those shoes? Recent purchase?

Kasmira said...

So sorry to disappoint, but I bought them in August 2004. I don't wear them too often, so they've lasted almost 3 years. I am ready for new tips on the heels, though.