Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June LOL Love

Cincy Chic: What would I do without Amy to tell me that Ulta is coming to Cincinnati and Madonna is coming to Macy’s?

Mommy Snacks: I’ve always been curious (but somewhat timid) about shopping at Aldi. Andrea’s Aldi sale post led me to her Aldi Store Shopping Tips and now I’ve got to check this store out!

Cooking with Caitlin: Avacado Whipped Cream. As a huge guacamole fan, I must try this.

My Wine Education: I’ll be honest…my usual summer cocktail is a half-and-half mix of boxed white wine and Looza pear nectar. Michelle tempts me to class it up with her roundup of four summer cocktails. I think Minted Pomegranate Lemonade would be a perfect use of my overgrown mint plants.

Girlfriendology: I’m not a touchy-feely kind of person, but reading about how to help a friend through pet loss made me tear up.

Moms Like Me: I’m no mom (maybe I’m a “kitty mama?”), but I can appreciate the Hot Dads.

Wine Me, Dine Me: Beefy’s dream is to run a food truck serving hamburgers (The Beefy Muchacho). I avidly follow Julie’s food truck posts to pick up tips for Beefy. Her latest entry talks about pop-up igloos for food truck customers to dine within during the cold months. I wonder if they’ll develop a pop-up adobe house. That would only be appropriate for Beefy’s proposed southwestern burger.

Cincinnati Gardener: I’m delighted that one of my favorite nurseries, Marvin’s Organic Gardens, will begin receiving compostable waste from local Wal-Mart stores. What a great way to recycle!

Healthy Alter Ego: I’m a big fan of beans. They’re low in calories but high in fiber and nutrition. I usually combine them with rice, but a better option is quinoa. Jo tells us how to prepare this cheap and mega energy food.

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Kelly said...

Ulta in Cincy? Hooray! I've only been a few times while in Louisville, and I always wished there was one around here.