Monday, July 30, 2012

Never Wear Shorts and Heels

I recently read some fashion advice dictating that one never wear heels with shorts. To that I say, “Ptthhbbtt.”

Shirt, Old Navy. Shorts, Arizona Jeans (thrifted). Sandals, Seychelles (thrifted). Belt, swap. Hat, Target. Earrings, Monica D.

Never underestimate the flattering power of a pair of heels. Even with shorts. Especially with shorts.

And never underestimate the power of a cute kitten to distract from any possible fashion faux pas.


Jeannie said...

Modest, casual heels like what you are wearing, and wedges, are great with shorts and make legs look awesome. I think what the "fashion experts" are warning against is the stripper look of short-shorts and platform-y, hooker-like heels. And I would definitely agree, that look is trashy! But you look cute and casual in this ensemble.

Megan G said...

Well that's one fashion rule I'm glad to have broken. I think you are rockin' the shorts look. Your hat is especially fabulous.

Sheila said...

Yeah, I call BS on that rule. It's always going to depend on both the shorts and the shoes. This outfit looks great!

Aw, love the kitty (Walt or Roy?).

Marie said...

totally, pffft. I am wearing wedges and shorts today. I think my grandma is the one who said that anyway.

Marie @
Lemondrop ViNtAge

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Kasmira said...

It's Roy. He was surprisingly cooperative for this picture!

Ignorant Awareness said...

Even though he was co-operative, Roy still has a rather unimpressed look on his face, haha- definitely not amused! =P

Angie said...

I totally agree with the others about the wedges/shorts look and I laughed with Marie's comment but mostly I'm impressed at how well the hat/belt and trim co-ordinate in your outfit.

Robyn @ said...

Hi K,

When I read the post title in my Bloglovin reader, I was like "What? She has GOT to be kidding!" Then when I read the post, I realized of course you were. Shorts with heels (the right shorts, the right heel) are wonderful especially if your on the shorter side like me (5' 4").

I'm really enjoying your blog and your light-hearted sense of humor. ~ Robyn @ Robyn's Nest