Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Purchases

For a girl with shopping ennui, I managed to spend plenty in January.


1. Madeline boots, gift. I purchased these with an Amazon gift card from Beefy’s mother. I debated between this pair and a very similar pair by Nine West, but didn’t think the Nine West pair looked three times as good (since they cost three times as much) even if they were real leather.

TJ Maxx

2. Sans Souci black brocade shorts, $14.99. Fancy shorts! Somehow much more modest than a skirt of the same length.


3. Mossimo leggings, $19.99. I can’t pass up a unique pair of leggings. Not when a short skirt and leggings is my winter uniform.
4. Mossimo tunic, $22.99. I bought this little tunic to fill a very specific need: a butt-covering garment (for wear with leggings) that looked quasi-professional but would be durable and comfortable enough to set up an event. It performed beautifully.


5. Contrast fabric sleeveless dress, $169.99. You might think a leather and spandex dress is only appropriate for a cocktail event (and that’s just where I wore it), but I intend to wear it during the day quite a bit. The layering possibilities are endless.

Pomegranate Salon

6. Stella and Dot Sofia pearl bib necklace, $50. When I left the house on this morning, I wasn’t wearing a necklace. I found the perfect one to complete my look (and many looks to come!) at my first appointment of the day.

January total: $277.96

Total spending for the year: $277.96.

Remaining 2013 budget: $1162.04.


thorne garnet said...

Is that our first peek of your new house? Love the wall color.

Kasmira said...

Yes, this is one finished corner of the house, but its about to be disassembled to house a puppy.