Sunday, December 14, 2008

LGTMAS: California Casual

Poncho, Newport News. Blouse, from Japan. Corduroy pants, Old Navy. Purse, thrifted. Earrings, Panagea. Booties, Style & Co. Ring, Jan Michaels San Francisco.

Most of the California Casual looks were a bit chilly for December in Cincinnati. Tissue thin tees, cut-off shorts, and sandals weren’t going to work for me. I did find some inspiration in the below photos. My favorite definition of the style was “even at their fanciest, these are clothes that would be right at home at a beach bonfire.” I can see myself seated in the cool sand, listening to the surf, and warming my toes at a driftwood fire in this outfit. I might need to remove the heels, though.

Inspiration from the book:

I don’t follow many bloggers with such a casual, beachy style. The closest I can come to a California Casual Lucky Blogger Girl is Fia of The Laundry Narrative. Her outfit posts have been a bit sparse since she became pregnant, but a peek through her archives will show you her casual, light-handed style.

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Anonymous said...

we get cold in California too! but that look would fit right in here ;)