Saturday, December 20, 2008

LGTMAS: Choose Your Favorite Style

I hope you enjoyed The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style series as much as I did! My creativity was taxed by some of the styles, but I got a better understanding of my own preferences along the way. I was particularly intrigued by the Rock and Roll and Bohemian styles and plan to incorporate more elements of both into my everyday wardrobe. (Hot Topic and World Market, here I come!)

Which style was your favorite?

Which style did you like best?
Posh Eclectic
Arty Slick
Euro Chic
Rock and Roll
California Casual
American Classic
Bohemian free polls


Suze said...

I voted for Rock and Roll, but it counted it as Arty Slick. Just thought you should know!

Katy said...

I voted for Bohemian, but I loved Posh Eclectic as well.

SciNerdGirl said...

I think your blog is alot of fun. I voted for Gamine, even though you didn't like it yourself (too mush girlishness), I though you looked terrific. I also liked American Classic and Bombshell too.

Anonymous said...

You inspired me to get this book out of the library and my mother and I loved it!

I voted for Bombshell, but I loved most of these looks on you. For instance, I loathed Arty Slick in the book, but it was great on you. I would say that my own style is a mix of Bohemian and Posh Eclectic, and although I like Bombshell and Gamine, they're not something I can really pull off.

Thank you so much for nominating bloggers with each style. I added a number of them to my feed reader!