Thursday, April 23, 2009

Last Day

Cardigan, J G Hook (swap). Blouse, Forever 21. Trousers, Moda International. Pumps, Oh Deer! Pendant, thrifted. Sunnies, Rampage. Handbag, Franco Sarto. Tote, Tommy Hilfiger.

Today is the second (and last day) of a training event I’ve coordinated. I wore this cardigan on Day 2 of the training last year. I guess it’s my serious, academic look.

I almost wore the same skirt, too, but this blouse looked really stupid tucked in.

Look at all this patent! I was even further burdened by a coat, an overnight case, a handcart loaded with training materials, and eight lunches. (No, I didn’t eat all eight.)

I love ruffles. And pink. And magnolia blossoms.


Tina said...

Love the blouse, love the cardi, and even though I would never have thought to pair them together, I love them together too!

I'm surprised that the blouse looked stupid tucked in. It seems like it would have been perfection tucked in (esp in a pencil skirt). Is it just with these pants or you can't ever wear it tucked in?

Kasmira said...

The skirt has pleats in the front, so, tucked in, there was too much poofiness in front. The pants are just ugly, so it was better to hide as much as possible with a shirt tail.

Unknown said...

Pretty argyle!

Tira said...

I love that sweater with the green top.

Rhea said...

An amazing look! I would never think to put together these items.