Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Crotch Scraper

I love a good turn of phrase. When Angie used the term crotch-scraping to describe very short skirts, I immediately latched onto it. I’ve now replaced “miniskirt” with “crotch scraper” in my vocabulary.

Cardigan, Wet Seal. Camo tee, SO (thrifted). Belt, Macy’s. Crotch scraper, American Standard Tyte (thrifted and overdyed). Leggings, Target. Loafers, American Eagle for Target. Earrings, Pangaea.

I have no problem with very short skirts, provided one wears something pants-like beneath to avoid the show-cha your chocha. Keeping your legs crossed is also helpful.


Judy said...

Too bad the outfit isn't as cute as the terminology. Kasmira, this one is a bust.

Kim said...

That reminds me of what I say whenever I feel I'm wearing too short of a skirt: I'm going to need two separate hairstyles today.

Anonymous said...

Such cute leggings- love them!


kelliq said...

Hahaha, I coined them "crotch dusters." :)

Julia said...

That belt is crazy amazing! I love it. The leggings, too--I love how you've put it all together.


Rosie Unknown said...

Too wicked! I adore short skirts, if only it were warm enough to wear them most of the year!

J said...

Please forgive me if this gets you more perv mail, but I prefer the term 'labia length'. "Girl's got her labia length skirt on today!"