Friday, November 06, 2009


There’s a TJ Maxx downtown. It’s dangerously close to my office. I have spent more than a few lunches shopping the Carew Tower location instead of working out. It doesn’t help that my good friend Erin is also a fan. In fact, she bought this dress for me after I’d admired hers.

Jacket, stolen from New Gate. Dress, London Times. Belt, Cappel’s. Tights, Apostrophe. Booties, Madden Girl. Bag, Nicole Lee. Gloves, Cejon. Bangles, Body Central. Fishy earrings, gift. Feather clip, 100 yen store.

This outfit was inspired by one of the ensembles Jessica modeled for Lucky Shops.

I tried belting the jacket, like in the inspiration photo, but it looked terrible. I suppose the view was alright from the front, but from the side, the jacket flared out over my butt like a giant peplum. It made me wonder whether my inspiration outfit looked good from any angle other than straight on. Those stylists are tricky.

The most expensive item I’m wearing is this velvet scarf. I bought it for about $100 US in an Amsterdam boutique in 1996. It was a huge splurge for me at the time (I was still in college), but it’s proven to be one of my most beloved souvenirs. Thirteen years later, I’m still wearing it.


Anonymous said...

I look at your pictures every day and have almost never commented, but I just have to tell you how totally beautiful I think this dress is. It accentuates your curves on top in the nicest way and the belt brings out its shape and material nicely. Great choice.

Julia said...

Beautiful colors on you! I like your outfit, with the tights, better than the Lucky one!


Aradia said...

Love the bag, love the dress, the boots, the belt, the scarf, the gloves! Love the whole outfit! It looks really great on you!

gina said...

Love the colors. The jacket is a nice shape and the gloves are a great touch.

Rosie Unknown said...

Wow I love the gloves!!!

Emily said...

That dress is AMAZINGLY flattering. Incredible.

J said...

I spent way too much time in that store when I worked downtown. I got the best full length down coat there; it's kept me very warm for 2 winters now. I've lost track of how many pairs of shoes I go there.

Love the tights!

Trinity Lea said...

the outfit looks great, but what really caught my eye was the mention of Carew Tower. i just about fell out of my chair!! i didn't know that it actually existed outside of Kim Harrison's books!!