Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March Purchases

After gorging last month, I starved for most of March. I didn’t go to Target even once. I went to TJ Maxx, but stayed in house wares.

My single “impulse” purchase was an order from Sequin Appliqués. Surprisingly, I ordered sequin appliqués:

1. Owl appliqué, $4.99
2. Black and gold epaulets, 2 x $5.99 = $11.98

They haven’t arrived yet…but they were shipped to me over a week ago, so I expect them soon.

I was saving for my pennies for a trip to Denver during the last week of March. On the second day of my vacation, I bought my real cowboy boots.

3. Dan Post boots, $200

Also while in the Denver area, I spent a day secondhand shopping with my sister, Ping.

4. Converse One Star striped shirt, $5.99

5. Worthington paisley skirt, $6.99
6. No Boudnaries pleather skirt, $3.99
7. Scarf, $2.99
8. Belt, $3.99
9. Max Studio dress, $6.99
10. Chain necklace, $5.99

Assistance League of Denver:
11. Chadwicks black and white dress, $4.99
12. Kors clogs, $4.99

Buffalo Exchange:
13. Necklace, $10.50
14. Shearling gloves, $15.50

On my last day in town, we went to the Garden of the Gods and I bought three bracelets in the gift shop.

15. Bracelets, 3 x $1 = $3

The total is $292.88. I knew I’d go over my budget in March because of my planned boot purchase. I couldn’t resist the thrifting goodies. I don’t have plans to buy anything in April, although I do have a thrifting trip scheduled with Londyn. I’ll concentrate on finding things for her wardrobe, not mine!


Alison said...

WOW!! Those are some gorgeous boots! I love the modern details. I'm so glad to see that you found a pair that you loved enough to splurge on.

Sarah said...

Thos boots are fantastic!!!!

Nana Erin said...

YAY cowboy boots!~ Those are awesome.

Aradia said...

I am so familiar with these feast and famine cycles! I stick to my imposed budget and then suddenly there are lots of fabulous founds that put me over budget, all in one shopping trip.
I so hear you! :)

Cassie Schultz said...

Hi Kasmira! Love your work. I put a link to your blog on my blog, so hopefully you get some traffic off of it! Thanks for your help. I always look to you when I need some style inspiration. Nice work, lady.

Julia said...

I'm always a sucker for real cowboy boots -- those are awesome!


Vildy said...

you found the best boots of all!

DaShannon said...

glad to hear you were on vacation... was getting a little worried about the picture drought.. went on a thrift field trip today and fell in love with the Valley Thrift Store on Reading. i blogged about it and i'm still on a shoppers high!