Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sit, Nursie!

The Sunday matinee was our third Comic Potential performance and our first during daylight hours. I got ready early and slipped outside for a few photos of my nurse costume.

Ack! It looks like I’ve gotten custard on my skirt. I’ll be washing my costume before Thursday’s performance.

The dress came from TDW’s costume closet. (Some embellishments were removed and I shortened it about 2.5 inches.) The belt and shoes were thrifted. The syringe is from my vet.

Photos by Beefy Muchacho

A few pictures from our dress rehearsal:

Production photos by Vicky Dunn


Rosie Unknown said...

Wow, I like! You look great in white.

Kelly said...

Cute! And I love your makeup...your lashes look SO long!

kct said...

I really love your nurse uniform! I must admit that I especially love the combination of your tights and keds!