Saturday, June 19, 2010

DIY Inspiration Pages

I often drool over an item in a magazine only to realize I could make it myself. Sometimes another blogger’s creations will give me inspiration of my own. I seem to bubble over with ideas when I’m stuck on the bus or in a meeting, but forget them all when I have rare free time at home.

My solution is to keep a DIY list in my style notebook.* I list projects I’ve invented or stolen. (When I'm away from home, I jot ideas in a smaller notebook, to later transfer to my list.) I add inspiration pictures or sometimes whole pages from magazines. With my ideas tucked safely away, my mind is freed to dream again.

Today, my Saturday morning plans were rained out, so I opened up my book and completed two projects. I sewed a piece of broken jewelry to a beret and made a new owl brooch.

How do you organize your ideas?

*I don’t think I’ve properly documented the rest of the style notebook. Stay tuned!


Nara B. said...

Hi Kasmira! thats a really nice idea. I never thought of keeping a notebook. I usually save things on my computer which is a good thing too cause you can always add something interesting!

Lorena said...

I also keep a small note book in my purse where I jot stuff down.
In addition to that I tear off magazine pages that I find inspiring or looks that I want to re create and stash them in a can.
Whenever I do the look, I throw away the page.

CreatingRachel said...

This is an awesome idea!
I keep a sketchbook for school stuff, but never for personal things. I think I'll start, thanks for inspiring me!

Shell in your Pocket said...

Wow...that is organization-
sandy toe

maryeb said...

I have a couple of notebooks, a small pad in my purse and a larger one at home. Neither are anywhere near as detailed as yours. I think I need to include more pictures, rather than just sketches and notes, because sometimes I can't figure out what I was thinking.

I'd love to see more of your notebook and how you use/ organize it.

Pamela D. Crawshaw-Prangnell said...

Great blog! My last blog was about doing a "mind sweep" which is much the same, but since I'm more creative with words than things, my inspiration pages are in the form of lists, not pictures. I need to stretch my creativity by adding images, especially since I'm better at copying what someone else has done than inventing my own looks. Hmmm... I think some of your outfits will land in my inspiration book. Thank you!