Sunday, August 08, 2010

Second Time Second Sunday

I returned to Second Sunday this month, but as a “vendor.” Beefy, The Red-Headed Step-Child, and I manned a booth for The Drama Workshop.

Shirt, Express (thrifted). Tank, No Boundaries. Skirt, Billabong. Boots, Dan Post. Bag, vintage.

This was a much more appropriate venue for our group than the last street fair. The crowd is friendly and artsy. The entertainment is fresh. (There were belly dancers in July and a talent show this month; Beefy sang and won $50!) The mayor walked through. (Oh - and booth space is only $15!) We’ll certainly be back next month.

I bought a pair of leather earrings from purse-maker and tailor, Monica D, and then hooked them behind an old feathered set.

Photos by Beefy Muchacho


Melissa said...

I love the sunglasses!!!

So Beefy sings too, huh? It would be fun to see a video of him singing! :)

Luli said...

Your blog posts make me want to visit Cincinnati!!

Sea Bird said...

Cool sunglasses!

Sheila said...

This is an awesome casual outfit, Kasmira! I love the scroll detail on those boots.

Lorena said...

This outfit rocks ! Very pretty.

Anonymous said...

Love the boots and handbag! That shade of brown is just plain gorgeous!