Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sold Out

Tonight’s plan started with attending the Reds vs Cubs game downtown. On the way there, we heard that it was sold out. So we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for game watching and then continued with the rest of the agenda…

Black tank, Kimchi and Blue. Striped tank, Express. Shorts, Old Navy. Boots, Dan Post. Earrings, Panagea. Necklace, Ren Faire. Bag, vintage.

Part two of the plan was to set up chairs on the corner of 6th and Walnut (in front of the CAC) and people watch. It was a fantastic night for the activity. Not only was the clubbing crowd out, but we also saw the post-game foot traffic and those drawn downtown for the comedy acts on Fountain Square.

While most people ignored us, a few interacted with our group. One woman claimed that the passers-by were observing us, not the other way around. That was an interesting perspective. Just who was watching whom?

Photos by Beefy Muchacho


Collette Osuna said...

You look fantastic...cute hair!

Sheila said...

What a cool tank.

Sounds like fun! We did a similar thing a few years ago. There's a "paint-in" on a street, with dozens of artists set up for about 12 blocks. People walk up and down, watching the artists work, buying things, etc. We knew a friend who had a house on the street, so we had a BBQ and set up our lawn chairs to drink beer and people-watch. It was really interesting - and you're right, some do watch you!

Unknown said...

great tank and great experiment in sociology. I am putting up my 2nd interview tomorrow and mentioned you as my first (interview). If u don't want me to , pop me a line. it's just a quick link/shout out.
Hope all is well :)

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

Great hair and I'm loving the red and the green.

Miss Yaya said...

the back of the shirt is too cute!

...bill said...

be careful... i know a bunch of those CAC people. stay too long, and they'll put a tag on you and call you performance art.

('pulpo' is one of the better 'word verification' words i've had on here.)

ReaderRita said...

Having lived (for many years) just a couple of blocks away from Wrigley Field in Chicago, I can say quite emphatically that I hope the Reds kicked the Cubs butts!!!
Every summer day in that apartment was an exercise in street psychology, thanks to Cubs fans.
Like the time I had to talk a drunken (surprise!) Cubs fan out of CONTINUING to urinate in the carpeted front entryway of the building. (GRRRRR...) Then I had to convince him that no, I wasn't interested in a "date". (and I'm paraphrasing there, for modesty's sake...) (oh, and DOUBLE GRRRR...)

Anyway, I love those boots, and the outfit is perfect funky summerwear!
To me, Cincinnati sounds so much more civilized than Chicago. Glad you had a good time!