Monday, February 28, 2011

February Purchases

I’ve decided that I want to invest in a pair of Frye boots next fall. Therefore, I am planning to underspend a little each month to give me an extra $200 by September. (I’m also working against a $34.62 overspend in January.) I was super thrifty this month!

St Vincent de Paul

In December, I saw that a St Vincent de Paul was moving into the old World Market location in Western Hills. I’ve shed many a bitter tear that World Market has left Cincinnati, but if the trade off was an enormous thrift store, then I’m over it. I couldn’t wait for its opening this month.

1. Focus 2000 blazer, $3.25
2. Energie cardigan, $4.49
3. Owl pendant/brooch, $3.00
4. Giraffe print belt, $7.99 (spendy!)
5. Brighton belt, $1

6. J. Renee pumps, $4.00
7. Beaded necklace, $3.00

I thrifted this Champion hoodie, too, but I don’t count work-out clothes in my budget.

JC Penney

8. Studio I dress, $34.99

I searched and searched for a work-appropriate, non-jersey, under-$100, red dress online. I found nothing for purchase. With some time to kill one afternoon, I persuaded Beefy to visit an actual JC Penney store and left with the perfect dress!

February’s total: $61.72

In March, I’m already on the hunt for a new pair of sandals. I really loved this pair by Etienne Aigner. I’d buy them again if I could find them.

Total spending for the year: $196.34
Frye boots fund: $3.66


Tracey said...

I've been eyeing Frye boots all winter, but like you, decided to wait until next fall. Could you post a link to the ones you're looking at?

Oh, and I'm super loving your owl pendant and giraffe print belt! Good finds!

Anonymous said...

Hi kasmira... I love watching your looks! You will not regret a Frye purchase. I bought a pair of the very plain tall campus boots in black a few years ago when I resumed working and they are wonderful year in and year out. And the dyes are so deep and rich they don't show wear like other boots. (I have faux-Frye brown harness boots from Target that I now plan to replace with the real thing! Every time I wear them I am reminded of what they are not!)

keep up the good fashion work! L.

Scary Closet said...

I'm fond of my faux-Frye harness boots from Target, but I've always longed for a real pair o'Fryes. Like the campus boots - so lovely.

Lynnea said...

I love Frye boots and I have several pairs. Warehouse deals on Amazon is your friend. They are returned, tried on, sometimes worn one or twice--they tell you the condition.

I bought a pair of harness boots there this winter for $90. For Real! I am a common 7 1/2 too. I have bought other Frye shoes there for around $30 each. I put in my cart and stalk the website and watch and wait for the price drop.

red_and_kitties_in_toronto said...

I became a Frye devotee a few years ago and once I got past the initial sticker shock, I haven't looked back (even my mom is hooked now!). Seriously the best footwear purchase (well, beyond winter boots) I have ever done.

Some advice though - TRY THEM ON FIRST. I have 3 diff't styles and I have diff't sizing. Find a reputable dealer who will be able to assist you in how they should feel, how much give a style will have.

Unknown said...

I found a pair of Dan posts ( I won't brag about the price ) while thrifting and they fit like a second skin (but in a good way ;)
Yipee for the new thrift store !!!!
i had no idea, but have been mia for a bit.
i too will miss the World Mkt., The vibe in there made me want to hide out and live there!

Unknown said...

OOps, you already have a pair :)
I gotta check out the Fryes as well!

Jennif said...

Those pumps are incredible. What a steal!