Monday, March 14, 2011

Early Striped Bird

Megan Mae Daily and Casual Chic Kiki are hosting a Super Stripes Week starting March 21. Unfortunately, I’ll be in some rather serious meetings during that period. (And I have a chronic inability to wear stripes in a non-crazy way.) Instead, I’ll get my stripes freak on this week.

Here are a few of my favorite past striped outfits.

I’ll be wearing some of these pieces, plus a new striped garment that I picked up this weekend.

Are you participating in Super Stripes Week? I can’t wait to see stripey goodness all over the blogosphere.

(And I'm extra glad that I now have a smartphone so I can peek at your blogs during breaks next week!)


Lorena said...

I just got my first striped cardi last week !!!!
Might just join, thanks for the heads up..

Megan G said...

Thanks so much for joining and spreading the word, Kasmira! I can't wait to see all your stripey inspiration.

Anonymous said...

ooh, I like the yellow stripes with the zebra!

Unknown said...

I'm dying to see how you style that striped dress...
Got my stripes and I'm ready!

Brittney said...

i haven't heard of it, but i'm headed over to one of their blogs right now to check it out. sounds so fun!
p.s. your striped looks are all fierce. i sincerely like them all...for different reasons. way to stripe it up!
-brittney (my daily outfit blog; check it out if you're bored next week! :) )

Sheila said...

Hmmm...I'll have to see what stripey goodness is hiding in my closet!