Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Purchases

I made my planned purchase for March (a pair of sandals) and then some.

JC Penney

1. Allen B striped jacket, $40.60

I'm curious as to how a style "craving" begins. I can't pinpoint the moment when I began hungering for a striped jacket, but it soon became a minor obsession. It certainly didn't help that both Kimberly and Angie published images and shopping information for a few versions. I found the perfect price and style at JC Penney, but was hesitant to purchase online because I wasn't familiar with the line's sizing. Beefy was a real stand-up guy and drove me to two JC Penney stores (in two states) to search for the magic jacket. When I found it, and it fit, I was totally satiated.

2. Earrings, $10

I've been looking for some large, gold, blingy earrings to complete certain outfits. These look great, but are really heavy.

TJ Maxx

3. Betsey Johnson sunglasses, $14.99

I'm breaking out of my bug-eyed sunnies rut. This style is sort of a cross between a wayfarer and a cateye.

4. Aerosoles nude wedge sandals, $29.99 (not pictured)

These comfy sandals have a higher heel than I was looking for, but promise to be very comfortable. I hope to debut them in April and wear them all summer.

March’s total: $95.58

I might blow all of April’s budget this weekend. There are a few things at Target I’m drooling over:

I’m pretty set on the bag, but I haven’t tried the clothing on. I’ll admit the jeans look much better on the rack than on the model. I hope that isn’t the case when I try them on. If so, there are plenty of other garments calling my name at Tar-jay (like the designer collection re-releases).

Total spending for the year: $291.92

Frye boots fund: $8.08. (At this rate, I’ll have enough to buy a pair of boots in about 12 years.)


Anonymous said...

I have that Target dress in a solid green- I love it!

C said...

I do not always want a particullar thing; often I go through a prolonged color phase- last year green, this year magenta. Though I usually have some things in the preferred color, I begin wanting EVERYTHING in the color...

Anonymous said...

I like that stripped shirt or jacket and I think you are lucky girl to have a man like Beefy.

Erma -TX

Lab geek said...

Ah! I have drooling on that same target purse! It looks good, doesn't it?

Beefy Muchacho said...

Yes! Thank you, Erma from Texas!

Scary Closet said...

Whilst you are shopping at the Bullseye:
If you find a pair of size 4 Mossimo jeggings, originally priced at $24.99, PLEASE BUY THEM FOR ME!!! I'll give you one zillion dollars in return!!!
Okay, maybe not. But. I will so repay you for price and handling and shipping, I promise!!!

Julia ♫ said...

very cute! I liek the earrings on the second photo!

Kasmira said...

Scary Closet - sure! I'll look! I think those are the more high-waisted jeggings. The Cheap Chick has those and loves them!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I have that target dress in olive green and the blue watercolor-y print! They are super flattering, look so chic with different kinds of belts, and you can wear the drapey neckline like the model in the photo or folded down to show more decolletage. The only warning I would give is that you may have to size down because this style runs a bit large. I got an XS, but I am usually a S, 6, or 8 in most Target lines. Not to play devil's advocate, but I hope you get this dress!

Puppy lover said...

Pretty sure the dress is on sale this week for $17.99.