Friday, June 03, 2011

Warning: Long Cat Story Ahead

I blame my cat for this mess of an outfit. It’s all Roy’s fault that I’m wearing navy, black, and brown together. He is responsible for this terrible mishmash of styles: cowgirl, mod, nautical, and rocker. He has so upset my state of mind that I chose this terribly clashing background. I think I’ll also blame him for my frizzy hair.

Jacket, Focus 2000 (thrifted). Dress, swapped and shortened. Boots, Dan Post. Watch Vivani (gift). Bag, Carlos Santana. Sunnies, Betsey Johnson.

Roy has separation anxiety. If I’m gone from home for more than 12 hours (and that happens fairly often), he’s likely to urinate on the bed when I return.* I’m aware of the problem, so I when I arrive home, I usually accompany him to the litter box, wait for him to pee, and reward him for going in the box.

Yesterday, I was gone all day, returning at around 10:30 at night. I could tell he was anxious, so I went to the box with him, but he did some other business and ran back upstairs. I thought I had dodged the bullet.

I was tired and stressed about a long day on Friday. I’m a planner, so I began assembling everything I’d need for work and the LBD event the next day. I tried on my dress (fresh from the cleaners) to make sure it still fit and was undamaged. I was pulling out my new shoes, to try with the dress, when I smelled cat pee. Roy was behind me, on the bed, letting loose. I wanted nothing more than to rewind time.

I cleaned up the mess and deodorized the mattress but the bed was unusable for the night. I slept on the couch (really a loveseat) and Beefy slept on the recliner. It was an uncomfortable night and we were all (me, Beefy, and 4 cats) upset by the change in routine. I awoke feeling unrested and hungover. (I only had a single drink last night, I promise.)

I didn’t manage my time well this morning. I hit snooze too many times. I spaced out in the shower. I spent way too long on my eyeliner. I kept misplacing things.

Usually, I choose my outfits for the week on the weekend prior, so that I don’t have to think in the morning. However, I couldn’t wear my pre-chosen outfit because the ladies at work decided, on Thursday, that Friday would be cowboy boot day. The boots would have looked pretty silly with the outfit I had initially planned. So, I threw this mess together while rushed, tired, and pissed-off (literally).

Photos by Beefy Muchacho

Have you ever heard the expression, “You don’t train a cat; the cat trains you?” Well, I got some extra reinforcement last night. Ugh.

*Beefy and I have different theories for this behavior. I think it has something to do with mommy-issues and the “relief” of having me home. Beefy says Roy pees on the bed because he’s mad about being abandoned all day.


maryeb said...

Ugh, My first dog used to pee on the bed when she was upset with me, so I feel your pain. Not fun.
On the bright side, you got an interesting story to post and you still managed to pull together a great looking outfit.
And yes, indeed, a misbehaving pet can absolutely be blamed for a frizzy hair day. I hope today goes better for you.

Rita said...

I feel for you. I have a cat that used to poop in the bed exactly where I sleep to show that he was mad because I had been gone too long. I could tell when this was going to happen, if I was lucky enough to be home when it was about to occur, because he would start running through the house.

A cat peeing in your bed is ultimately worse!! I know what you are going through. After many years, I finally got my cat to stop pooping the bed. Thank goodness!

Lorena said...

I know I shouldn't but I could not stop laughing at the pee story.
It reminded me of my own dog story. Vanilla, my dog will POOP in the middle of my living room when I don't come home early the worst part is she will deny it and blame it on her daughter Marshmallow.

Anonymous said...

Even though you say that Roy is to blame for your mess of an outfit...I really like your outfit! It reminds me of the one you wore when you did "an inspired by Annie from Bridesmaids" post. I'm really liking the cowboy boots that you added, too.

Amanda said...

Oh I completely feel your pain. My cat and dog will both do that - I have read in many pet care/training books that animals don't punish their owners, but I really don't know how to interpret it any other way. It may not be a punishment, but I definitely think it's a reminder or a cry for attention, like "Don't forget I'm here! I know this is your favorite (fill in the blank) so if I pee on it you'll probably remember that I'm here and need you!"

They sure are interesting with the way they process things. Your cat, at heart, probably really likes routines so if you're gone longer than usual he probably is reminding you that you need to get back on the routine he likes or something.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I've been there! And this is exactly why I bought a waterproof mattress cover and extra bedding. It's funny, though, since buying the waterproof mattress cover I haven't had a single incident of dog or cat peeing on the bed. Go figure!

Anonymous said...

I bet it's a little of both........but I bet he does it because he's showing you "Look I'm upset!"

I do like the boots. :)

Unknown said...

I have to say, I'm with Beefy on this one. I think cats misbehave to show you they are pissed (in Roy's case, quite literally). The fact that he waits until you get home is so that you KNOW he's doing it. When my sister went away to college, her cat was really upset about it. She was one of those really bratty cats and no one but my sister really liked her. And when my sister would come home on weekends, Sassy would pee right in the middle of my sister's bed. Every time.

In other news, I like your mish-mashed outfit!

Melissa said...

I actually like this outfit better than most of the ones you've worn in the past few months.

LyddieGal said...

I can not stand it when our pets become so spiteful of us that they do this! For years if I didn't come home for the evening my dog would pee on my bed.
Eventually we broke her of the habit, but now she takes out her anxiety on herself and pulls all the fur out of her paws.
You can not win.

Even though it's a big hodgepodge, i still think your outfit is really cute!

Chic on the Cheap

Melanie said...

I feel your pain! My cat doesn't pee on my bed, but she will poop on it---I have no idea why, either! I'm home all the time and she is spoiled beyond belief. She also has lately begun to pee on the rug. I've tried cleaning it with every possible remedy but you know what they say, once the cat pees on the rug it's time to move. We are on our third area rug and I no longer even bother with a bath mat in the bathroom.

Audi said...

I think it's anthropomorphizing to suggest that cats are vindictive; getting back at someone actually serves no purpose in nature. I suspect it's a fear response; specifically, the fear that you won't come home when you're gone for a long time. Most animals love routine, so when you break the routine they'll react negatively. Do you use an automatic feeder? If not, it might help to have something as important as feeding occur at precisely the same time every day, regardless of whether you're there or not. That might help ease his anxiety when you need to be away. You could also try putting certain lights on timers so that there's more structure to every day.

Also, I think your outfit turned out really cute, despite the setbacks!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried kitty Xanax (gotten at the vet's office)? It has worked wonders for our older cat. One little blue pill a day keeps the pee and poop in the litter box everyday.

Mindy Burris said...

Hi! Just wanted to come out of lurking to tell you that I feel your pain. My cat Phoebe is an angry bed pisser...any time I go away on vacation she gets upset with me and uses my bed as a giant litter box. Sometimes she will wait until I am home and unpacking my suitcase and will start peeing while making eye contact with me. I could not live without a waterproof mattress cover. They sell them at Target, and I have two, one to put in the laundry and a clean one for the bed...I always seem to get home from trips very late and used to end up doing laundry all night. I also now throw a large vinyl waterproof tablecloth over the top of the bed. Just thought I would share! I love your blog...I am fashion challenged. I wear a Life Is Good tee shirt and khaki pants pretty much any time I am not in my work uniform.

Anonymous said...

I was so caught up in the cat vs. bed thriller, I almost forgot about your hair. Just announce "I just love it when it does this! Gives me that old time permanent wave feeling ya just can't get anymore!".

My cat does just the opposite; I'm not allowed to go the the bathroom by myself for the next couple of weeks!

Cyn said...

I agree with Beefy. Your cat currently has you in training. And all eyes are on him!

I too have my mattress in two waterproof mattress covers. One is the noisy plastic one, the other is a fabric one to take car of the noise. I used to have a cat who was prone to UTIs and I too hated to sleep on the couch...

I thought you looked just fine though. Own it!

Alison said...

While I feel your pain, it could be worse...when I first brought my puppies home, they would not only pee on the carpet in front of my bed, but they would also eat my shoes whenever they were mad at me. I lost 3 pair of shoes in one was terrible.

On a brighter note, the outfit didn't turn out that the boots and the "pop" of color from the glad you picked it up at the swap...I think the bright colors suit you :)

...bill said...

I hope Roy stops that... My cat used to pee around the house if I didn't come home directly after work.

I found a trick to make him stop: I gave him to some lady in Hyde Park that already had a few cats. He'd have other cat friends, I met her through my vet so she was ok'd, I didn't have to come home to a mess anymore.

Everybody's happy. :D

Chris said...

I agree with Beefy...he's mad. I have owned both cats and dogs and find that cats are more vindictive than dogs. We had a cat that peed on almost anything on the floor if we went away for a few days, other than that he was a gem!

JavaChick said...

My cats don't pee on the bed but they do throw up hairballs. That's not fun either. :(

I think you still managed to put together a cute outfit though. :)

Megan said...

Dogs have owners, cats have staff.

My cat pees in the tub when she's upset, poor little dear.

Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

New reader here who shares the pain of a cat who urinates out of the box - ours has only peed on our bed once, her spot of choice is usually a basket of dirty clothes.

What has helped us immensely are some products from - specifically Anti Icky Poo - cleans like nothing else I swear - and Feliway sprays and iodizers. Might seem a bit new agey, but it does seem to help!

I love your blog! I just started my own, you inspired me!