Thursday, June 30, 2011

June Purchases

June was a crazy busy month: happy hour, Salsa on the Square, The Little Black Dress Event, Tri-State Antique Market, vacation in Atlanta, two weddings, Charlaine Harris, and Red, Pink, and Blue.

I usually find that I spend a bit more in months with a lot of special events. My two largest purchases, this month, were shoes for The LBD Event and a necklace I bought at Red, Pink, and Blue.


1. Nine West floral peep-toe pumps, $55.30

I’ve had so much fun mixing patterns with my floral Miss Me shoes, that I started searching for a second pair of flowered heels. This Nine West pair is fairly comfortable and was on clearance!

2. Style & Co earrings, $12
3. Style & Co beaded necklace, $16.80 (not yet photographed)

I shopped Macy’s for a pair of turquoise-colored earrings to complete my Red, Pink, and Blue outfit. I couldn’t resist the necklace I found next to them.

Tri-State Antique Market

I organized a group trip to the monthly Tri-State Antique Market. As I was making introductions, I realized that the group was dominated by style bloggers (me, Tamia, Goose, and Londyn). I promised to take them to my favorite, top-secret, $1 jewelry stall. After much sweaty slogging through the heat, I didn’t find my usual vendor, but another operator had boxes of $1 jewelry for us to paw through. We tore it up.

4. White beaded necklace, $1
5. Silver Indian pendant, $1
6. Moscow pin, $1
7. Red-orange beaded necklace, $15

Serket Jewelry

8. Turquoise stone necklace, $40

I’m the sort of person that rarely carries cash, but I made a withdrawal before Red, Pink, and Blue, anticipating a cash-only bar and Serket Jewelry’s booth.

June total: $142.10

In July, I’m looking for a pair of bright jeans (or pants). Urban Outfitters has some options (by BDG) and free shipping this weekend. I may also pick up a few of the Calypso St. Barth for Target pieces that are now on clearance.

Total spending for the year: $693.98


Steph Barnard said...

Oooh... I'm going to the Tri-State Antique Market on Sunday and I'd love to know about your secret jewelry vendor. Take pity on a Cincinnati newbie? ;)

-- Steph (@stephbarnard)

Kasmira said...

Steph B - I don't know the vendor's name....the $1 boxes we visited were under the canopied portion. I also saw a vendor with $1 jewelry in plastic bags near the kettle corn booth. Hope that helps and HAVE FUN!

Breezer said...

Hi Kasmira! I loved those shoes the first time you wore them. Do you know a style name for them? I'd absolutely love to track down a pair.

Kasmira said...

Breanne - the style is NWDANEE. The color is ORANGE MULTI.

Kasmira said...

Oh, I googled it. The style is Danee. (The NW stands for Nine West.)

The color is Coral Multi at Zappos and Waterfall Floral at Macy's.

Michelle {Jarrah Jungle} said...

I love those patterened peep toes they are so adorable!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the shoes are pretty--so much so than the cowboy boots. Stay out of those boots, please.
Erma in Tx