Monday, August 27, 2012

Pop of Brown

It’s pretty standard to accessorize a black and white outfit or garment with a “pop of color.” Sometimes, though, that seems too predictable. How about a “pop of brown?”

Top, Jones New York (thrifted). Skirt, Billabong. Moccasins, Minnetonka. Headband, Forever 21. Necklace, Zad. Bracelet, Zad. Bag, Charming Charlie.

I doubt the phrase “pop of brown” is going to catch on. Add an extra “o” and the meaning has changed entirely.

Some more black and white with a pop of brown:


Megan G said...

I love pairing black with rich shades of brown. Your necklace looks great on the black and white tee!

Jeannie said...

Took me a minute to figure out the extra o... LOL

Kat said...

Ha! Crakin' me up!

Anonymous said...

After reading this I tried an embellished brown "cowboy" belt and clunky brown sandals with a black and white striped dress and it looked so cool! Thanks!