Monday, November 26, 2012

Rip Van Wrinklybutt

When I wear the knitted tube as a mini-dress and belt it, some odd above-the-buttocks and on-the-hip wrinkles develop if I don’t smooth them away. I’m afraid I didn’t keep up on my smoothing duties and, instead, paraded around with a wrinkly, elephant butt.

Jacket, H&M (thrifted). Blouse, Newport News. Dress, thrifted and gifted. Tights, Urban Outfitters. Shoes, Two Lips. Bag, Fossil. Necklace, heirloom.


The Magpie's Daughter said...

Your pattern mixes are getting crazier and crazier! Tee hee. :)

Kasmira said...

Just wait until you see Tuesday's outfit!

DressUpNotDown said...

Elephant butt...the new animal print??? I have to worry about elephant ankles with certain tights, at least your tights behaved!

Anonymous said...

Your hair is so cute ever since you cut it short! The side swept bangs and tousled curls look lovely. I like the fullness at the back of the head best.

Do you add a few curls with an iron or manage that with scrunching? What's your hair routine now that it is short and do you miss using all your long hair accessories?

Colorado Mermaid

Kasmira said...

Colorado Mermaid - I scrunch and air dry and then add the curls with a 3/4" iron. Since it's short, I'm not worried about damaging it with heat.

Robyn @ said...

I love your bold and brave mix of patterns and textures. You've always got something to gain inspiration from. And perhaps a slip would keep the chunky knit from getting caught on your upper booty? Robyn

P.S. Loving your hair too!