Monday, December 17, 2012

Country Mouse

Today, this country mouse went to the city. I took the BART, because last time I drove to San Francisco I totaled my company car.

Blazer, SO (thrifted). Blouse, INC (thrifted). Skirt, Hauber Sporting Life (thrifted). Boots, Style & Co (thrifted). Necklace and brooch, thrifted.

I wore this outfit expecting a cold, wet, windy walk from Montgomery Station to dinner (and back again). (I had a cape, scarf, and umbrella off camera…a truly country ensemble.) I was surprised with pleasant weather in the afternoon and a ride back to my car in the evening. Still, I was glad to be prepared for the worst the city might throw at me.


Sheila said...

What a fabulous skirt! What is it about those maxi plaid skirts?

I loved riding the BART when I was in SF.

Anonymous said...

Lovely outfit! Really like the red tights too.

In the Jan 2013 Allure there's a spread on pattern mixing. My first thought was "Kasmira's been doing this forever and looks way better!" This outfit is just one of many examples of your skills. :)


Kasmira said...

What is it about plaid? I'm obsessed!

Kasmira said...

J - I used to get comments like: "You look like you dressed in the dark" and "If I saw you walking down the street I would start laughing." Now pattern mixing is chic. That's no fun at all. :)

Anonymous said...

Ha! now I see you have an owl pen too! Hmmmmm. You know several years back, I collected owls and had them in all shapes and sizes. Then got tired of them after while and got rid of them.
The plaids look good on you!

you know who in Texas

Anonymous said...

I'm back again. It's the Lucky Jan. 2013 issue, if anyone wants to look. At least you can say you were trendy before anyone else was. And better at it. ;)

Anonymous said...

Small tip: locals don't call it 'the' BART, just BART. :)

I love this outfit! San Francisco weather can be impossible to predict, especially when you're just going in for the evening. You look cute and definitely prepared for any outcome.

- Bay Local

The Magpie's Daughter said...

Owls and tweed! *faints with the gorgeousness* :)

Anonymous said...

Love this skirt and have a very similar one,

Audi said...

That skirt is gorgeous, and just perfect for the holidays. And hey, I work right near the Montgomery BART station, so if you're going to be in town again, let me know and we can meet for an after-work cocktail!