Monday, December 10, 2012

One Shot

I feel like I need to apologize for posting only one photo of my outfit. (“I’m so sorry! My camera battery died before I got detail shots.”) But there was a time when I regularly posted only one photo and, in fact, was so uneasy about adding more photos to my entries that I polled my readership on the subject. Most wanted multiple photos, so I moved to that format…even though it seemed a bit vain. (As if this blog weren’t already an exercise in vanity.)

Dress, Mossimo. Turtleneck, Old Navy. Tights, unnamed brand from Madame Butterfly. Boots, Rampage. Sunglases, Betsey Johnson. Earrings, a Native American store in the Three Rivers Mall. Necklace, Serket Jewelry. Bag, Fossil (gift). Rings, Black Hills Gold, Puzzrollrings, and vintage.

Vanity aside, I prefer multiple photos to better represent a three-dimensional outfit in a two-dimensional medium. Additional pictures also give me a chance to highlight accessories, color contrasts, pattern mixes, and the background. And sometimes, I just like to show off a good shot. Today, I only got one.


Stace said...

But the one shot was a very good one!

Anonymous said...

If it had to be one, at least it is a fab one! So love that dress! sp:)