Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Quietly Crazy

This is my third take on the Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style’s Posh Eclectic look.

Blazer, So…(thrifted). Blouse, Forever 21. Skirt, Jones New York. Boots, Rampage. Stole, heirloom. Earrings and owl ring, vintage. Brooch, thrifted and vintage. Pearl ring, Black Hills Gold. Puzzle ring, Puzzrollrings. Bag, Fossil (gift)

Evidently, this is my “posh eclectic” skirt.


Unknown said...

You seem to be able to pull off anything! Brave woman!

Check out the earrings I'm giving away this weekend! Would love for you to have a chance to win!

Rachel Frend said...

I love that skirt with that blazer! I also love the shape/draping of that skirt.

Sarah said...

That is very cool. Looks like a heritage Vivienne Westwood look!

C said...

so strange to see the progression with your three heads, as it were... you used to look realy normal in an almost dull way, and then you had the blond period which I did think was more your real self (more dramatic, more a role playing persona) and I did not like the return to red hair so much, but with the pink streaks, it has some of same craziness which I think was embodied in the blond. (Whenever I read about kids having to wear uniforms to school, I think how stultifying(!) and suppose there are some kids with a peronality like yours? Won't wearing the same uniform every day almost kill them inside?)