Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Purchases

I hadn’t heard of the Prabal Gurung for Target collection until only a few days before it came out in February. It was right up my alley and I spent a good portion of my Feb budget on pieces from the collection.


1. Prabal Gurung for Target Nolita print tee, $19.99.
2. Prabal Gurung for Target Floral Crush print tee, $19.99
3. Prabal Gurung for Target Nolita print pump, $39.99

And I bought this darling little cargo jacket from Target’s Xhilaration line. It is a new favorite!

4. Xhilaration cargo jacket, $34.99

Before all that Target madness, when my February budget was still fresh, I bought a couple of pieces of jewelry.

Heart Clothing Boutique

5. Rhinestone collar necklace, $18.00

Canvas Boutique

6. Black and white beaded earrings, $16.00

I’m already having fun remixing all these pieces!

February total: $148.96

Total spending for the year: $426.92

Remaining 2013 budget: $1013.08


Lorena said...

How did you manage to get all of those Prabal for Target pieces ?! lucky Kasmira.
I was late for them all.

Kasmira said...

I was at the first Target at 8 am when it opened and snagged the shoes. (The rest of the selection was poor.) Then, later that morning, I stopped by another Target at around 10 and found tons of stuff! I guess I just got lucky with that one.