Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Old Velvet

This dress is entering its seventh season of wear. I couldn’t have spent more than $25 on it, but I always feel fancy when rediscover it each fall and drape myself in velvet(een) once more.

Dress, New York & Company (shortened). Blouse, Maeve (consignment). Boots, Soffit (consignment). Sunglasses, Target. Earrings, World Market. Jacket, Dex (swap). Bag, Imoshion.


Lola said...

Velvet is different from velveteen? I thought it was just a shortened name.

Kasmira said...

Velvet is stiffer and more luxurious. Velveteen has stretch. I'm sure google explains it better, but those are the key characteristics I think of in each fabric.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kasmira, I like very much your dress..!
You look allways nice with boots, these are great too !!
Wish you a cooooool weekend !

Anonymous said...

Velour has stretch.
Velveteen is woven.
Regardless, you look fab.