Tuesday, February 25, 2014


It’s been a while since I did a blue and green mix. This blend of periwinkle, turquoise, teal, mint, lime, and jade has a cool, watery feel.

Shirt, American Eagle (thrifted). Skirt, J Crew (consignment). Shoes, Colin Stuart. Sunglasses, Girl Props. Necklace, Phai’s House of Jade. Bag, Imoshion. Jacket, INC (consignment).


Lorena said...

Looking radiant Kasmira ! one of the things i like the most about your outfit is that there is no way in hell you will ever run into someone wearing the same outfit, because they are all so well accessorised and from so many different origins that it just makes it unique.

DressUpNotDown said...

I was thinking how nice and serene, then Bam! I got to the photo with you in the jacket. I was blown away! What a head turning outfit.


Anonymous said...

What a refreshing look! Mint and teal complement one another well. It's crazy to see you wearing a short skirt and no tights in February when it's -30F today on my side of the country, lol.

Londyn said...

Fave outfit of the week. Really pretty colors together and I'm super jealous you are wearing bare legs outside :)