Monday, May 12, 2014


It’s going to be one of those weeks when I’d rather be naked. Naked and in the river. Anything but dressed for work and getting in and out of the car a dozen times. Sacramento is predicted to have its first triple digit temps of the season this week: 100 degrees on Thursday. Be prepared to see a lot of skin on WhatIWore2Day.

Dress, Parker. Belt, Hyde Collection. Shoes, Gianni Bini. Sunglasses, Girl Props. Earrings, California State Fair. Bag, Caprice (thrifted).

Don’t worry, it’s supposed to cool off by the weekend, so you can still go hike Stevens Trail!


Anonymous said...

Great polished look!

What's worse: The 100% humidity of Cincinnati or the triple digit dry heat of Sac?

Kasmira said...

The humidity was WAY worse!

The Magpie's Daughter said...

Oh my, those earrings are amazing! :)